The Kids Workin' Their Moves

Jadden Chase and Jaelin

The kids each have their own moves.
For Jaelin, she's a dancer.
And Chase...Well, he's just a lady's man all the way.


Jaelin was kind enough to give Chase her doll to hold while she ate dinner.
Chase apparantly had another agenda...

Chase, you dirty dog, you...

An interview I recently did for my role on Uncharted

Here is an interview I recently did for my role on Uncharted.


Full article

GDC Presentation Download

For any of you who have been asking where to download our talk on the animation workflow of Uncharted, I've posted it here.

You can also download speeches from the other Naughty Dogs here.
(just click the Press and Events link)

And at least one guy was paying close attention. Here are some great notes to the lecture. His notes have even more detail than the outline we wrote for our speech!

Weekend Family Painting Project

(written by Judy)
It's been a sick, sick weekend. Sick as in sore throat, running nose, throbbing headache, and endless fatigue. So what did we decide to do? PAINT! We are crazy wanderers with no understanding for rest. Actually, I think that only applies to me.

Jeremy and I have been searching the world over for the perfect painting with colors that will cohesively glue the living room together. One problem or another inevitably surfaces - his taste I do not agree with, my taste too "girly" for him, the colors do not work, too darn expensive...Tired of the empty wall, we thought we'd try our hands at creating together. We saw the original version of this painting that we shall call "Life is a Beach and then You Die" while on our last vacation. We were browsing an art gallery, and this painting by Todd Goldman caught our eyes. We both liked the concept but because the colors in his painting were not right for our room, we decided to do a similar version but with the magical colors that tied the living room together.

This is our first family painting - Jaelin painted happily on the side, Chase sat contently watching us, Jeremy did the overall sketching and the wide strokes, while I did the tedious details that gave him a headache. We are a good team.

The dining room in utter disarray.

"Life is a Beach and then You Die" - by the J Lai-Yates Family