Morro Bay

We recently took a weekend trip to Morro Bay for Judy's birthday.

We gave Jaelin a new set of bubbles for the trip.
Judy blew while Jaelin ran around trying to pop the bubbles.

This was the coolest dog. He lived in one of the boats on the dock and loved to run and splash in the water. A little boy was playing with him, throwing rocks into the water for him to fetch.

Jaelin's Ariel pose on a rock.

Judy striking a pose.

Jaelin swinging like a monkey.

This was one of the best meals we've had in a long time. We bought fresh halibut from a fish market on the docks. They grilled it, and we sat & ate by the waterfront. It was soooo good.

This guy lived in a local aquarium.

This guy looked pissed at me.

Much to Judy's annoyance, I saw this and had to drive back a couple of exits to take a photo. Very inefficient point A to point B traveling. It was well worth the evil eye I got for it though.