Emmy and Eric's Wedding

Last weekend I was at Dallas, Texas, photographing the union of a ridiculously cool couple - Emmy and Eric. Eric is a video game animator from id Software. He has been incredibly supportive of both my work in animation and photography. I was very flattered to be chosen by him to photograph his wedding. As other photographers will tell you, it's a lot more pressure to do a job for another professional artist as the expectation is naturally much higher. I thrive on the pressure to be that much more on top of my game.

The wedding took place at the beautiful Delaney Vineyards winery. The bridal party got ready in an upstairs room overlooking the vineyard. Once the day started, everyone relaxed and enjoyed themselves. The champagne flowed nearly as much as the tears of their mothers. It was such a moving experience. You could feel and touch the love.

Eric and Emmy -

Thank you so much for the honor and pleasure of being a part of your big day!

Sarah and John's Wedding

Sarah and John are a fun couple with an awesome wedding. The day started out at the girl's hotel room down the street where the groom was to see the bride for the first time.

However, in order for John to earn entry to see her, he had to answer correctly, a series of riddles. Each question had an associated red ribbon (shown below) from the door to Sarah, who was giggling around a corner just out of his sight. Each question he got wrong, he had to pay a red envelop of money to the bridesmaids. Once John gained entry and they were finally together, they were inseparable the entire evening.

The events took place at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, California. We started upstairs with a traditional tea ceremony, to ask for the blessing of both the bride and groom's parents.

The ceremony took place in the museums center courtyard. It was just beautiful.

Then as the sun went down, the ambiance really came out. John is a fellow games industry artist and works at one of our sister companies, Ready At Dawn Studios. As he is a lighting artist by trade, you'd better believe this was one detail he made sure wasn't missed at this venue. The lighting was beautiful, with hundreds of red lanterns strung around and across the courtyard.

The night was fun. The food was great. And the dancing was off the hook!

Thank you for letting me be a part of this exciting new chapter in your life!