Pam and Dave Engagement

Last Sunday (January 18th), I had an engagement shoot with some good friends of mine, Pam and Dave. We had originally planned the photo session before the crazy holiday time, but our scheduled date ended up during the time of the most recent LA fire. That day, it was advised that people stay indoors, especially residents of Pasadena, the location of the shoot. I'll always wonder though how interesting the colors would have turned out on that day. I remember it as the day of perpetual sunsets due to the ash in the air.

Pam and Dave were a lot of fun to shoot with. Dave is a total goofball. Just looking back on some of the pictures made me laugh all over again. To Pam - You have your work cut out for you (haha)! And to the lively couple - I had too much fun "playing" with you guys on Sunday! Looking forward to the big day (March 14th)!

New Year's Eve Party @ Wynn (Las Vegas)

It was that time again to party at the Wynn for New Years. This has been our tradition for the last few years since the Wynn first opened in Las Vegas. The resort hosted two separate parties on New Year's Eve - one for the adults that included a five course dinner & dancing to a live band, and another one for the kids. For some reason the theme this year was Scottish. I'll have to dig around to understand the significance of that. In the adult ballroom amongst the tables were lots of lights, trees, and various forms of plaid. Apparently plaid was in vogue this year. In addition to Judy's family, we partied with Travis and Vivien, Huay, some of Christy's friends, and our very own wedding photographer, Scott Robert Lim, and his wife, Stacey.

Judy and Huay on the dance floor.

This pictures clearly shows one of the great advantages in having your wedding photographer with you at a party. I actually made it to the "other side of the lens" this time with a beautiful photo by Scott.

Judy and Christy doing their usual silliness.

Travis and Vivien getting an early dessert.

Scott and Stacey

This year's dessert...All the servers came with almost 2,000 of these dishes at exactly 11:05 PM to match the time on the chocolate clock.

The kids had their own party in a ballroom next door. It was full of video games, clowns, face painting, carnival rides, candy, chocolate, photo booths, dinner food, and loads of prizes. Here's Jaelin sporting a couple of her acquisitions. After the party we rounded up all the kids and ran upstairs to view the fireworks from one of the rooms. Another great year. :)