Kristen and Blake - "Engage" session

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Kristen and Blake in person for their engagement shoot. We had a great time and hit it off like old friends. They are a fun couple game for anything. We started the shoot in their beachfront apartment and made our way around to the park nearby. The sky was amazing due to a storm coming in. It was cold and windy. Poor Kristen nearly froze her toes off doing the shoot. Good thing we ended the shoot with her slipping back into her cozy Uggs and warming up to a cup of hot cappuccino.

This was an amazing moment in which everything just fell into place. It was taken during the last ten minutes of sun, as the storm clouds were roaring in. A kite happened to swing into frame split second. I saw the moment and captured it.

Pam and Dave's Wedding - Altadena Country Club

We had a great time on Saturday (03/14/09) shooting Pam and Dave's long awaited wedding that took place at the beautiful Altadena Country Club. I also had the pleasure of creating the slide show presentation for their reception. Pam looked stunning, and Dave was quite the distinguished gentleman. It was the perfect day. Pam and Dave are both such heartful and genuine people. The room was undeniably filled with love and support for them.

Pam and Dave - It was such an honor for Judy and I to be a part of your day. I hope you enjoy your very well deserved honeymoon. Stay in touch!

Big shout outs to Judy and Drew for their assist!
It would not have been the same without you two.